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SubjectProblem in yenta.c, 2nd edition
Hallo l-k,

the first: I'm very sorry for old post about PCMCIA: function
yenta_config_init() is called the first time from yenta_open()
and not from yenta_init(), as I think... It was my error...

I explored yenta.c through printk() function and I found the last
point, where kernel freeze: This point is here:

--- function yenta_open_bh() from drivers/pcmcia/yenta.c
* 'Bottom half' for the yenta_open routine. Allocate the interrupt line
* and register the socket with the upper layers.
static void yenta_open_bh(void * data)
pci_socket_t * socket = (pci_socket_t *) data;

/* It's OK to overwrite this now */
socket->tq_task.routine = yenta_bh;
printk("yenta_open_bh: socket->tq_task.routine\n");

if (!socket->cb_irq || request_irq(socket->cb_irq, yenta_interrupt, (SA_SHIRQ | SA_INTERRUPT), socket->dev->name, socket)) {
/* No IRQ or request_irq failed. Poll */
printk("yenta_open_bh: in the if block\n");
socket->cb_irq = 0; /* But zero is a valid IRQ number. */
socket->poll_timer.function = yenta_interrupt_wrapper;
socket-> = (unsigned long)socket;
socket->poll_timer.expires = jiffies + HZ;
printk("yenta_open_bh: before add_timer\n");
printk("yenta_open_bh: add_timer\n");

printk("yenta_open_bh: after if(!socket->cb_irq...\n");
/* Figure out what the dang thing can do for the PCMCIA layer... */
yenta_get_socket_capabilities(socket, isa_interrupts);
printk("yenta_open_bh: after yenta_get_socket_capabilities\n");
printk("Socket status: %08x\n", cb_readl(socket, CB_SOCKET_STATE));

/* Register it with the pcmcia layer.. */
printk("yenta_open_bh: cardbus_register()\n");

--- end of function

Last message from kernel is:
yenta_open_bh: socket->tq_task.routine

Then I mean, that problem is in the calling of request_irq(). As
you see, I tried call this function with flags (SA_SHIRQ |
SA_INTERRUPT), but this is not the right way too...

I wrote, that my Compaq has IRQ 11 shared between PCMCIA
controller and VGA card...

Please, can you cc any follow-ups to me? Thank you very much...

Jan Marek
Ing. Jan Marek
University of South Bohemia
Academic Computer Centre
Phone: +420-38-7772080
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