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SubjectRe: IO APIC (smp) / crashes ?
On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 08:49:40AM -0600, Ken Brownfield wrote:
> I've been using this patch in production for a bit, and it seems to
> avoid the problem inobtrusively... without actually solving the problem
> correctly. :( The APIC code is daunting, not to mention that it
> requires 12 hours or so of a particular type and weight of load to
> trigger the issue, so debugging it with my lack of APIC-fu is a
> frightening concept.
> BTW, if anyone with more APIC-fu than I would perhaps know _why_ this
> patch works around the issue that I think Roeland is explaining and the
> issue I've mentioned here in the past, please holler.
> Let me know how it goes,

ok, I compiled the kernel and will test it for a while. will let you
know. the good path is that I now also have ext3 -- makes the crash more
bearable :-)

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