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SubjectRe[2]: Microsoft IE6 is crashing with Linux 2.4.X
On Sat, 17 Nov 2001 17:04:54 -0700 "Jeff V. Merkey" <> wrote:

JVM> > JVM> methods for smmsp:smmsp. I used tcpdump and determined that IE6 will
JVM> > JVM> send "hidden" emails to addresses at (they appeared random). I
JVM> > JVM> have no idea why it is doing this, but these emails appeared to contain
JVM> > JVM> system level information. There was also obvious (and very nasty) packet
JVM> > JVM> corruption from IE6 that sendmail 8.11.X does not handle very well at all
JVM> > JVM> whe it gets these corrupted packets.
JVM> >
JVM> > Just to be sure - do you have latest antivirus updates?
JVM> Snicker, Snicker, Snicker ..... In all the time I've run Linux servers
JVM> for my business (about 4 years) I have never once installed a
JVM> "Linux anti-virus" update. No, I have not installed any W2K virus
JVM> software.

I do not talk about "Linux anti-virus". But Windows viruses (or virii ;) are
known to send emails. So I'd suggest to install some W2K antivirus software.
Anyway, it's becoming OT. It has nothing to do with kernel 2.4.x.


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