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SubjectRe: Current Max Swap size? Performance issues
Andreas Dilger <> writes:

> On Nov 16, 2001 14:02 -0800, Michael Peddemors wrote:
> > With all of the latest VM, again the question is asked... Best way to
> > set up swap now..
> >
> > For 2 GIG memory...
> > Channel 0 is RAID 1 SCSI
> > Channel 2 is RAID 1+0 SCSI
> > Hardware Raid
> >
> > Shoudl it be?
> >
> > 2 GIG swap partition (Is this still the limit?)
> Yes, still the limit. It turns out that this is not an on-disk format
> limit, but rather an in-memory structure limit, in case you cared. For
> non-x86 platforms, there is a different limit.

Where? The limit should be about 64GB or so on x86. If it isn't it should
be just a couple of lines to change it. Or is the limit the vmalloc
of the swap_map?

I skimmed the code a while ago but I haven't had the time to patch mkswap
and actually try it with something larger.

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