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    SubjectLinux-2.4.15-pre5 - probably something wrong with /proc/cpuinfo.

    The following shell script (extracted from SuSE 7.1 /etc/rc.d/boot) would
    execute fine on Linux-2.4.14, Linux-2.4.15-pre3 etc.. but not on
    Linux-2.4.15-pre5 (AMD Athlon Computer). Couldn't check it on
    Linux-2.4.15-pre4 as it would not compile successfully.

    # set and adjust the CMOS clock
    if test "$HWCLOCK_ACCESS" != "no" ; then
    echo -n Setting up the CMOS clock
    while read line; do
    case "$line" in
    *MTX\ Plus*) CLOCKCMD="hwclock --mtxplus --directisa" ;;
    *PReP\ Dual\ MTX*) CLOCKCMD="hwclock --mtxplus --directisa" ;;
    done < /proc/cpuinfo

    May someone be kind enough to let me know where the problem could be?
    Thank you,
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