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Subject[ANNOUNCE] mconfig 0.20 available
The mconfig release 0.20 is now available.

Mconfig is a tool to configure the linux kernel, similar to
make {menu,x,}config, but written in C and with a proper yacc

The following changes have been made since the last public
release, 0.18 by Michael Elizabeth Chastain:

* switched to autoconf/automake.
* build 'menu' mode only if curses are available.
* added manpage (VERY simple).
* added specfile for RPM builds.
* help text moved from C source to external file.
* modes 'text' and 'old' implemented.
* verb 'dep_mbool' implemented.
* relaxed error checking - moan in

This release is available as gzip/bzip compressed source tarball at:


Please send patches and report bugs to me,


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