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SubjectRe: Tuning Linux for high-speed disk subsystems
Am Freitag, 16. November 2001 12:51 schrieb Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk:
> > Our 100 Gig SCSI raid, consisting of 6 15,000 rpm drives on the
> > motherboard's two SCSI 160 channels gives a full 110MB/sec read and write
> > with RAID 0. With RAID chunks set to 1MB the write accesses go to
> > 160MB/sec and read accesses go to 90MB/sec sustained. This system would
> > make a good motion capture tool. Previous Intel attempts at onboard disk
> > I/O would give 50MB/sec.
> How much do you think I can get out of 2x6 15k disks - each 6 disks are on
> their own SCSI-3/160 bus.

As I count your disks may be the double for the best case. I read here on
LKML a post that someone claims that W2k deliever 250 MB/s with such a
configuration. Linux 2.4 should do the same. Ask the SCSI gurus.


Dieter Nützel
Graduate Student, Computer Science
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