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SubjectRe: routing messages [was Athlon SMP blues]

> setup on my machine got screwed by a weird interaction between a missing
> kernel config option and the user space tools used by the network setup
> scripts. Before, I never had a usage for the "Routing Messages" option
> in the "Networking Options" kernel configuration. But now, if I don't
> enable it, than the ip utility isn't able to correctly determine the
> network interfaces, hence the network setup script fails and even the
> loopback interface isn't setup correctly. This way no usable network
> connection is available and the login get screwed totally.

Yes, I experienced exactly this problem yesterday. The login hangups
were *not* to do with kernel problems, or overheating, but merely the
'gpm' service trying to play with a non-existent mouse.

After booting the system into Red Hat's canned 2.4.9-13smp, I compiled
2.4.15-pre4 [in about 2.5 minutes :) ] and rebooted. The machine came
up, but the networking was totally screwed. I rebuilt the kernel, adding
several more config options in the networking section (including
"Routing Messages", and it works beautifully now.

I've since built 2.4.15-pre5, which is also fine. Presumably, this
patch has also fixed most of the merge bugs in -pre4? I had problems
building -pre4 on other machines.


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