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SubjectRe: Devlinks. Code. (Dcache abuse?)
>    A device special file is a gateway between a user (admin)
> controlled name space (the filesystem) and a kernel imposed name
> space (major/minor numbers) that recognises and imposes access
> control (owner/group/permissions).
> The (a) problem with this is that major/minor numbers are too limited,

Textual names have unsolved problems too
1. Who administers the namespace
2. When trademarks get entangled whats the disputes procedure

Do you want to create a situation where a future kernel is likely to be
forced to change a device naming because an "official" vendor driver appears
too and they demand the namespace and wave trademarks around ?

> A Devlink looks like a symlink with the "sticky" (S_ISVTX) bit set.
> Indeed, that is how it is stored on a filesystem.

That seems basically sound. I'm not sure about the devfs part but that
is a seperate matter.


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