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Subjectnfs problem: hp|aix-server --- linux 2.4.15pre5 client
Hi Trond,

Trond Myklebust writes:
> > [<c01430f3>]
> That particular Oops should already be fixed in 2.4.14.

Thanks, I've tried 2.4.15pre5 (+ seekdir patch) now and could not
reproduce the Ooops with the HP nfs server. But still: The Kernel
complains about: "NFS: short packet in readdir reply!" when I access
any directory provided by a HP-UX 10.20 nfs-server (using nfs2 |
nfs3). I dont' notice any strange behaviour other than that, though.

But a new problem emerged: Copying from a linux (2.4.13 | 2.4.15pre5)
nfs-client onto an AIX nfs-server doesn't work. About 800kb are copied
then the cp command just hangs. Syslog says:
Nov 16 11:51:12 capc20 kernel: nfs: server caes04 not responding, still trying
This problem only occures with nfs3, and not with nfs2.

Is there a cure for this, without being too experimental?


ps: It seems to be quite difficult to get (and surely to write :-)
nfs3-clients that work with all thinkable other platforms - we not
only have nfs problems with Linux-clients in out network...

> Cheers,
> Trond
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