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Subject[ANNOUNCE] NWFS NetWare File System for Linux 2.4.14

The NetWare File System (NWFS) has been resurrected due to several requests
from some very large Linux supporters who are doing large scale migration of
NetWare to Linux. NWFS for 2.4.14 will be available tommorrow afternoon at and The code is being tested tonight,
and will be posted tommorrow. NWFS is being transferred to the Utah Native
American Church servers from this point forward for maintenance and bug
fixes. Please direct bug fixes and questions to

The primary FTP servers for will be transferred over to the
Utah Native American Church this month, so please direct your downloads to
this site in the future. NWFS will be available from
(peyote not included) :-)

This version contains hundreds of fixes, but please do not enable the page
cache code, as it is severely broken. When and if Linux 2.5 actually
implements variable sector IO requests (which do not have to be aligned on
512,1024, etc. boundries) the page cache code will be enabled in NWFS. This
is probably a 2.5 feature. NWFS has been tested on Fibre Channel and 3Ware
controllers, and the Linux RAID, and all appear to work well.

This version is dedicated to Mr. Jack Messman and Mr. Larry Sonsini in
sincere thanks and appreciation for firing Dr. Eric Schmidt from the Novell
Board of Directors, an action that was long overdue. Perhaps with the
departure Dr. Schmidt, Novell will start becoming more Linux friendly and
customer focused.

Do-na-da Go-hv-e


Jeff Merkey
Waya Ge-tlv-hv-s-di

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