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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] AMD SMP capability sanity checking.
    Hi Dave.

    >>Would you mind writing what each of these actually is?
    >>Athlon 661 doesn't tell me much, neither does Duron 671.
    >>That's just an example, which is which?
    > The numbers translate to the family/model/stepping fields
    > of /proc/cpuinfo.

    Yeah, I know. That was the easy bit.

    > The only older models certified as safe for SMP are.
    > Athlon model 6, stepping 0 CPUID = 660
    > Athlon model 6, stepping 1 CPUID = 661
    > Duron model 7, stepping 0 CPUID = 670

    Ok, since you're misunderstanding me, where do I find out which is
    which, ie CPUID 660 is an ... and CPUID 670 is an ...

    Point me to some good place to find out and I'm happy.

    I'll try looking on to see if I can find it myself :)

    > The newer models..
    > model 6 stepping 2 and above 662
    > model 7 stepping 1 and above 671
    > have a cpuid flag that must be compared to find out if they
    > are capable or not. Note that these id's tally with XP's and MP's.
    > The capability bit is the only way to distinguish between these models.

    Right, all I'd need is a way to match these numbers to core names. :)

    // Stefan

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