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SubjectRe: [PATCH] AMD SMP capability sanity checking.

>>Ok, since you're misunderstanding me, where do I find out which is
>>which, ie CPUID 660 is an ... and CPUID 670 is an ...
> Ah, gotcha. Not sure off hand of any resource.
> My x86info program has them documented in source form..

Good enough for me.

> I'll extrapolate those into a human readable table, and put
> it on my webpage sometime.. I've been meaning to put up
> x86info dumps from various cpu's on there actually.
> (I'll take this opportunity to ask anyone with a few spare
> minutes to send -a output to me (NOT to linux-kernel btw))
>>Point me to some good place to find out and I'm happy.
> If you want to look at that source, its in AMD/identify.c
> The last released version isn't aware of MP/XP's, but has the
> earlier models covered.

Umm. Tell me I'm wrong, but didn't your patch say the 670 was ok for SMP ?

The SMP according to your program is a Duron (Morgan Core).

So the Morgon Duron is ok for SMP and the Palomino AthlonXP is not ?

*bashes hand against head*

// Stefan

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