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SubjectRe: Current Max Swap size? Performance issues
On Nov 16, 2001  14:02 -0800, Michael Peddemors wrote:
> With all of the latest VM, again the question is asked... Best way to
> set up swap now..
> For 2 GIG memory...
> Channel 0 is RAID 1 SCSI
> Channel 2 is RAID 1+0 SCSI
> Hardware Raid
> Shoudl it be?
> 2 GIG swap partition (Is this still the limit?)

Yes, still the limit. It turns out that this is not an on-disk format
limit, but rather an in-memory structure limit, in case you cared. For
non-x86 platforms, there is a different limit.

> Dual 2 GIG swaps on seperate channels?
> Dual 2 GIG swap files on same channel?
> (Assuming that the channel is different than the channel using the bulk
> of I/O)

Well, if you have the hardware for it, obviously separate channels will
be better, as long as you don't get a lot of I/O contention. If you
put them on the same channel, but different disks, you still will get
some speedup if the swaps are equal priority. If they are sharing the
same disk, make sure you have different priorities for the swaps, so
that one gets filled before the other, or you will get a LOT of seeking
going on.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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