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SubjectRe: 32 Groups Maximum in 2.4
> > I've been looking for some time on how to raise the maximum number of 
> > groups for the 2.4 kernel. I've discovered how to do this kernel, with
> > a discussion a few months ago on this
> > list.
> Look at the file "include/asm-<proc>/param.h to find the symbol "NGROUPS".
> Change that to whatever value you like.

We have a patch that we haven't submitted yet (out of mostlyt cowardice)
that makes this fully dynamic. task->groups is dynamically allocated and
handled, and can grow up to a sysctl() defined maximum.

It has been working wonderfully for 10,000+ groups. Does this patch have a
chance in hell of going standard?? (don't have the patch on hand, or I'd post
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