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SubjectRe: [OT] Athlon SMP blues - SOLVED by gpm
As the saying goes, "It's probably some little thing."

It's always the little things that seem to bit you the hardest and where
it most hurts. :)


Alastair Stevens wrote:
> > > I installed Red Hat 7.2 and the machine boots fine, using SMP or UP
> > > kernels (Red Hat 2.4.9-7), but totally HANGS at the login prompt. Can't
> > > type, can't reboot, can't do anything. Single user mode _does_ let me
> > > in, however, and this is the only progress so far.
> >
> > Try plugging in a mouse or stop running gpm.
> YES YES YES!!! This was it! After 24 hours of building 17 different
> kernels, checking out every inch of my hardware, and trying to build
> ramdisk images, it was the humble 'gpm' that caused my headaches!
> There's no mouse on the machine. Thanks very much indeed, and boy have I
> learned something now....
> PS - thanks to all who sent in lots of ideas on this problem! It
> actually turns out the machine is *not* overheating at all. The 76C BIOS
> CPU temperature was erroneous, and in fact it's more like 42C now, which
> is perfectly healthy of course ;-)
> Cheers
> Alastair

Paul G. Allen
UNIX Admin II/Network Security
Akamai Technologies, Inc.
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