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Subject32 Groups Maximum in 2.4
I'm not subscribed, so please cc: me on any replies.

I've been looking for some time on how to raise the maximum number of
groups for the 2.4 kernel. I've discovered how to do this kernel, with
a discussion a few months ago on this

However the follow up of "You gotta change the task struct..." means
nothing to me.

Can someone be more specific as to the changes that need to be made to
accomplish this? Change the task struct where? I can find lots of
references to task_struct in the sources simply by grepping them, but I
can't since any that point to a 32 limit. I'm not a kernel hacker, but
I've read and edited a fair bit of source code in my time, so I thik I
just need a bit more of a clue in here.

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