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SubjectCML2 1.8.6 is available -- bug list is cleared
The latest version is always available at

Release 1.8.6: Wed Nov 14 16:58:03 EST 2001
* Fixed three logic bugs reported by Frederic Gobry, David Kamholz,
and Danni Junglas. These mainly affected rollback when a variable
is unset; sometimes this wasn't being done properly.

This release resolves all known logic bugs and rulebase problems. The
only things left on the to-do list are convenience features and some minor
improvements in the test/coverage tools. This code is now officially ready for
the 2.5 fork.

Special thanks go to David Kamholz and David Relson, both of whom have turned
in particularly high-quality bug reports recently. With collaborators like
these, debugging is almost a pleasure!
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