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SubjectRe: CS423x audio driver updates for testing
> I seem to remember, folks intererested in gaming and
> mulitmedia apps had done some latency profiling and
> found that the alsa drivers were a source of really bad
> latency - am I imagining all this or does it ring a bell
> with someone?

Thats the sort of thing that can be fixed as ALSA is merged, I would

ALSA is much, much, closer to a nice kernel sound driver setup than the
current OSS code base. It has problems, yes, but a good attack during
2.5 should iron out the worst of it. There just needs to be an
understanding up front that the ALSA as initially merged may see
significant changes to get rid of some of the 'non-kernel friendly'
code. (in-kernel mixing, some interesting naming, over-abstraction in
places, gratuitious wrapping of kernel functions.. all should be
candidates for early removal, IMHO)

but, really, I spend next to 0 time on sound stuff these tdays, so take
all of this with about 7 tons of salt.

- z
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