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SubjectBOOTP and 2.4.14

I'm trying to configure a system to boot with root on NFS. I have it
working, but there are problems.

The most serious are that the DNS domain name is set wrongly, and NIS
domain's not set at all.

The IP address offered and accepted in

The DNS domain name being set is 168.1.20, and the host name 192.

I'm looking at the ipconfig.c source, around line 1324 where I see this
case 4:
if ((dp = strchr(ip, '.'))) {
*dp++ = '\0';
strncpy(system_utsname.domainname, dp, __NEW_UTS_LEN);
system_utsname.domainname[__NEW_UTS_LEN] = '\0';
strncpy(system_utsname.nodename, ip, __NEW_UTS_LEN);
system_utsname.nodename[__NEW_UTS_LEN] = '\0';
ic_host_name_set = 1;

I can see how the dnsdomain name's being set, and it does not look
right to me.

If someone can prepare a patch for me, I'll be delighted to test it.

John Summerfield

Microsoft's most solid OS:

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