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SubjectRE: Tuning Linux for high-speed disk subsystems
The (Broadcast 2000) guys came to the following with the
Tyan Thunder K7 (2 x 1.0 GHz Athlon MP) dual channel U160 (Adaptec) and

As for performance our experiences are biased because this system is almost
exclusively used for video software development not games like most. It needs
a reliable operating system like Linux and very fast media storage drives.

The inverse telecine, a grueling memory excercise which takes 3 hours on a
dual PIII 933 and 2 hours on a dual Alpha, takes about 2 hours on the dual

Our 100 Gig SCSI raid, consisting of 6 15,000 rpm drives on the motherboard's
two SCSI 160 channels gives a full 110MB/sec read and write with RAID 0. With
RAID chunks set to 1MB the write accesses go to 160MB/sec and read accesses
go to 90MB/sec sustained. This system would make a good motion capture tool.
Previous Intel attempts at onboard disk I/O would give 50MB/sec.

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