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SubjectRe: Problem with 2.4.14 mounting i2o device as root device Adaptec 3200 RAID controller?
On 15 Nov 2001, Michael Peddemors wrote:
I have intel i2o controller but I cannot install (install works but cannot
up my mashine after reboot) with RH7.2 but RH7.1 works fine, also RH7.2
has stipied fdisk it see 1 (one) cylinder in my array druid see all but
... installer is stupied with my i2o.... I try use kernel from my working
RH 7.1 (2.4.12) with same hardware (i2o intel stl2 mainboard 512MB RAM..)
and kernel panic.... stupied installer in RH 7.2 ?
Sorry for my english...

> It may be an esoteric problem in my config, but I installed a RedHat 7.2
> onto an Adaptec (It was strange, I could install one out of 3 tries, but
> rebooting into the 2.4.7-pre that ships with RedHat it got to unloading
> free memory, paused about 2 minutes, the the screen rolls with unable to
> read device messages) 3200s/quantum combination, but it gives me read
> problems on the device, with anything more than 512 MG RAM. Thought it
> might be kernel related so tried a freshly rolled 2.4.14 kernel, and it
> fails to mount the root point /dev/i2o/hda1 (kernel panic, cannot mount
> 5001)
> Hardware has mostly been ruled out, as we replaced the motherboard/and
> controller as well as the mundane cables and terminators...
> Is anyone successfully using 2.4.14 on an Adaptec 3200s controller?
> This could be a PCI issue, because just we see a lot of interrrupt
> activity on the card just before it dies..
> Am not using modules, compiled the i20 support directly into 2.4.14
> Wanted to get some serious 2.4.14 testing on this platform.. so no
> suggestions about rolling back to 2.2 series.. :)

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