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SubjectRe: Maestro 2E vs. Power mgmt

On Thu, 15 Nov 2001, Faux Pas III wrote:

> I have a Toshiba laptop system (dynabook 3380v) with integrated
> Maestro 2E sound. This works fine and dandy when on AC power, but
> when on battery, the sound doesn't play properly... xmms and
> mpg123 show very slow (1/10 or so) progress through the file and
> the sound that results is a staticky approximation of the correct
> output.
> The device shares irq 11 with the i82365 cardbus bridge, the
> NeoMagic 256va AGP chipset and the uhci usb controller. Driver output
> is thus:
> maestro: Configuring ESS Maestro 2E fount at IO 0xEE00 IRQ 11
> maestro: subvendor id: 0x00011179
> maestro: PCI power management capability: 0x7622
> maestro: AC97 Codec detected: v: 0x83847609 caps: 0x6940 pwr: 0xf
> maestro: 1 channels configured.
> maestro: version 0.15 time 14:51:38 Nov 15 2001
> I've tried with the power management both off and on, and with
> apm off in the kernel altogether. Tried kernels 2.4.{13,14,15-pre{2,3}}

Could you do a lspci -vv as root on that device both with AC and without?
(to see the dump of of the PM capabilities?).



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