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SubjectRe: CS423x audio driver updates for testing
Alan Cox wrote:

> > > Can folks with cs42xx series audio give it a test make sure it
> > > doesn't break anything
> >
> > Alan: Should I check to see whether these changes need to be ported
> > to ALSA?
> I think ALSA is already way ahead on the CS42xx series chips but sure
> check by all means.
> > By the way: In your opinion, is ALSA going to get into Linux 2.5?
> Something like it I hope - I delegated that question to Zab and Jef

I seem to remember, folks intererested in gaming and
mulitmedia apps had done some latency profiling and
found that the alsa drivers were a source of really bad
latency - am I imagining all this or does it ring a bell
with someone?

That is my main concern, hopefully the ueber geniuses
are already dealing with this issue as we speak, so to



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