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SubjectRe: Re: 2.4.9 to 2.4.14 bug & workaround

>> Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
>> /dev/sdb4 1 1536 98288 6 FAT16

>.which is evidently there?

I found out some of my disks have no partition table 'readable by Linux'. Which is really f***** weird since, they can be read under NT. What is also really weird is that some of these disks can be mounted as /dev/hdd4 even though there is no valid partition.

In some cases these are zip disks that were readable under 2.2.x, but since I don't have 2.2.x anymore I cannot verify that they would still be readable. Rather strange that a disk partition would just disapear like that. Unless the drive itself is hiding it or not recgonizing it.

In any case it seems if I run fdisk against the disks and then mformat they behave better. But aren't zip disks formated and partitioned out of the box? These ones all were.

>> Until now I thought it had something to do with the different gendisk,
>> LDM or so.

>Well, you may also see firmware and/or design flaws in the drive
>(personally, I have never trusted iomega, because on the CeBIT fair in

Mine is not an 'iomega' drive, but a copy. Made by someone else. AFAIK.

>Hannover, I once asked them "why should I prefer iomega ZIP or JAZ over
>SyQuest" and they had no answer except "we're just better". I later
>heard complaints about the SCSI ID only to be chosen from 5 or 6,

I got mine cause it was cheap, internal and I already had zip disks.

>Judging from what's on that page, the IDE driver seems to know it's >just
>a "floppy" without partitions, but the USB driver sees the (fake)

This would explain what I am seeing, weird as it may seem. I used to be using an external iomega zip drive that recgonized these disks, but now the internal one does not seem to.

I guess this means that I have to run fdisk on all these disks. Then mformat.

Hmm, it would be nice if there was a workaround.


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