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SubjectRE: Athlon SMP blues - kernels 2.4.[9 13 15-pre4]
> Forgive me, but what does 'registered' strictly refer to? It
> is ECC RAM,
> in a single 512Mb module, but more than that, I don't know.

Okay, i dont know what the difference is, but i can tell you that putting non registered ECC on htat Tyan board is a Bad idea, i did it, the machine was flaky at best. I got reg. ECC and everything is fine.

As far as is this a hardware issue, I run all Athlon machines and have installed redhat on a variaty of boards and chip configuration, and never ahd teh VIA Chipset problems.. I tend to think that there are problems, but they are much agrivated by power cooling, and poor pawer supplies..

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