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SubjectComparison of PAE and Non-PAE 2..4.14 (p8) in high load

after my first posting to lkml where we compared distributor
provided kernels vs. a plain 2.4.14-pre8 it was pointed
out that between PAE and non-PAE kernels some performance
differences might exist.

We checked this last night and here are the first results.
a) the relevant quantity dialog steps per second is a
measure for the throughput our application servers runs.
b) our application server and the corresponding database
(SAP DB) run on 4 way Dell, 1 GB at boot time enabled.


2.4.14p8 PAE 2.4.14p4 non- PAE
1.80 13.42 15.47
1.10 13.28 14.76
1.20 14.08 14.63
1.26 13.17 15.30
1.35 13.41 14.51

This means that we did see a performance decrease of about
6 % compared to 2.4.14p8 nonPAE but still 2.4.14p8 is an order
of magnitude faster than 2.4.7

Best regards

Willi Nuesser
SAP Linuxlab

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