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SubjectPCI bridge I/O space misconfiguration
I am having problems with some PCI devices being
configured incorrectly. The PCI bus layout is as

# lspci -t
| +-07.0
| \-09.0

All devices except the bridge 00:0a.0 and/or the
03:07.0 device gets configured correctly.

The 03:07.0 device has I/O ports at de00 but the
00:0a.0 bridge is configured to have I/O behind
bridge: 0000e000-0000efff. Since de00 is not in
this range access to device 03:07.0 is impossible.

If I understand correctly an error like this is
caused by a BIOS error. Has anyone else seen
problems like this and what is the suggested fix ?

I'm running a 2.2.19 kernel and have tried the
bios, nobios and nopeer options to the kernel with
the same results.

Thanks in advance,

Lars Knudsen
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