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SubjectRE: STR with APM possible?
> > I have ASUS CUSL2 motherboard that supports STR (and it works
> > under windows). With the same BIOS settings doing apm --suspend
> > suspends - except that power supply fan continues to run, which
> > indicates, system is not in STR state.
> > Kernel is Mandrake cooker 2.4.13-4mdk (based on -ac6), but it was
> > for all kernels I've tried starting from 2.2.19
> >
> > ACPI is not included in mandrake kernels.
> >
> > Is it supported? Anything I can do to debug/fix it?
> ACPI does not yet quite support suspend-to-ram. Wait awhile.

I know that ACPI does not yet work. The question was if it possible with
APM. Obviously it works for many notebooks - because I fail to see how
notebook differs in this respect from desktop, I assume it should work
here as well.

Am I missing something?

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