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SubjectRe: What Athlon chipset is most stable in Linux?
"David S. Miller" wrote:
> From: Dan Hollis <>
> Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 19:11:56 -0800 (PST)
> BTW this bug apparently doesnt affect AMD760MP as I am able to use
> geforce2 with quake and unreal tournament for hours straight without any
> problems.
> What is your quake3 com_maxfps set to? By default it is 85, and
> that can hide the bug. Set it to 130 or something like that.
> Just bring down the quake3 console (with ') and type
> /com_maxfps 130
> Try that for a while.
> I'm rather sure the AMD761 problems are motherboard vendor
> independant, because I have 2 systems so far, using totally different
> AMD761 based motherboards, which both hang pretty reliably with AGP.

My dual Tyan runs Q3A, UT, and Tribes 2 at over 100fps at times with no problems UNLESS I enable DMA for the IDE drive. Q3a will go above 130fps (map and game
dependent), UT will go even higher, and Tribes 2 will hit right around 140fps if I'm in a room (any outdoor areas slow WAY down).

I am running 2.4.9ac10 with a few minor tweaks, agpgart slightly tweaked compiled in, and a tweaked Detonator 3 nVidia driver. I plan to upgrade all these soon
and see what happens.

My A7V133 however is crap when it comes to playing games. It's been demoted to straight server duty. :)

Paul G. Allen
UNIX Admin II/Programmer
Akamai Technologies, Inc.
Work: (858)909-3630
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