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SubjectRe: What Athlon chipset is most stable in Linux with 3 512MB DDR modules ?
Dmitri Pogosyan wrote:

>Since there is discussion of Athlon chipsets (and mainboards) and memory
>is mentioned, could anybody advice me what chipset (or motherboard)
>reliably supports 3 512 MB DDR modules (registered or unregistered, does
>not matter) ? I need as much memory as possible :).
I have a XP1800+ in a Shuttle AK31 rev 3.1 board (KT266A chipset) with 4
Kingston non-ecc non-registered 512MB PC2100 (Infineon chips) modules
running, working with all 2GB correctly with no errors on a 100+ hours
run of memtest86 v2.7 ( The disadvantage is that it
needs the BIOS RAM settings at almost the slowest (2T command rate) to pass.

Also, I have another of the same configuration, but with 4 ECC Kingston
512MB PC2100, and that system passed a 10hour memtest86 2.7 run (did not
try longer), albeit also only with the slow RAM settings.

Both systems are happily running Linux 2.4.9 and 2.4.14



>People at the shop tried to put together for me MSI KT266 Pro2
>(Via KT266a chipset) with XP 1800+ Athlon and 1.5 GB memory in 3 512
>Mb modules (unregistered, non ECC, probably by Kingston) and this
>configuration to pass memory stress tests they run (BIOS detects
>1.5 Gb all right, and individual modules pass the test when used one by
>one in any of 3 slots).
>Also I heard AMD761 also had problems with 3 high memory sticks, although
>maybe not with registered one. (One mail order place refused to sell me
>512 unregistered memory when I said I'll use it in Gigabyte motherboard
>saying it will not work).
>I'm not sure Via KT266a supports registered memory, does it ? Manual to
>MSI motherboard says 'unbuffered memory' support, but on the memory
>test site from MSI there are examples
>of registered modules they run, albeight only 3x 256 MB
> Thanks in advance for advice, Dmitri
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