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SubjectRe: Re: loop back broken in 2.2.14
Well, the loopback bug is a pain.. but we have had these pains on quite
a few releases in the 2.4.x series...

I wonder if maybe a new method of distributing kernels should happen..
2.4.14 should become 2.4.14-stable meaning that it never ever changes
after release, and 2.4.14-fixed means that these tiny typos, gotchas,
and backport driver fixes can get into 2.4.14-fixed which may change
from day to day, but not get any enhancements, only minor fixes..

People could try 2.4.14-stable, and if they have a problem, they could
just try the 2.4.14-fixed to see if their problem is already

The idea is that at least every major release kernel should compile, and
it would reduce the noise levels from people trying out *stable* kernel

Just a thought..

On Mon, 2001-11-12 at 12:27, wrote:
> I thought that the -pre would be the developer kernels, and that an actual release (2.4.14) would have been somewhat tested. I fully understand that a 'runtime' bug in the vm or some other system could arrise and that is one thing. I also understand when a 'less used' driver like NTFS or VFAT breaks, but to see bugs in the loop device in a 'stabilizing' kernel is something that I thought I'd never see.

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