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SubjectRe:[OT] What Athlon chipset is most stable in Linux?
On Wednesday 14 November 2001 07:27 am, Chris Meadors wrote:
> Anyway, to keep this kinda kernel related. How well supported are the
> FireGL cards? That is DRM wise, and of course X to go with that.
> -Chris

Drivers are distributed pretty much the same way as nVidia, ie., as a binary
core along with the necessary wrappers to compile for new kernels, private, etc. Aside from that, we've generally had pretty positive

These aren't quake cards; in fact the demo1 fps are surprisingly low. In
serious OpenGL benchmarks, however,
( ) they're currently the
fastest cards available for Linux by a long shot.

I think FGL is what people at ILM, Dreamworks, Digital Domain etc. are using
at the moment in the gradual shift toward Linux on the artist's desktop. Not
cheap --- unless you've already forked over $16K for Maya ;-)

Marvin Justice
Software Developer
BOXX Technologies, Inc.
512-235-6318 (V)
512-835-0434 (F)
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