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SubjectRe: [PATCH] parport_pc to use pnpbios_register_driver()
> the decision to compile in ISAPnP support is based


Keith's idea is to disallow integral compilation of
isapnp-capable drivers when isa-pnp is modular. Want an
integral (e.g.) ne2000? Make isa-pnp integral too, or
else disable it entirely.

The configurator does not currently enforce this, and as
you say, isapnp.h works around the problem by dummying
out isa-pnp functions in integral drivers when isa-pnp
is modular. I agree that this is not ideal.

> No, if we don't change the config rules, of course it does
> not make sense to compile ISAPNP code into a built-in object
> when ISAPNP is selected as modular. However, that's what
> happening in most of the drivers today. It doesn't cause
> problems (unresolved symbols) because the isapnp.h header
> is smart, recognizes this case and replaces the isapnp_*
> functions with empty dummies. But as we've got the #ifdef
> in the driver anyway, we could as well be smart and just
> drop the calling code, as we do the CONFIG_ISAPNP=n case.

Makes sense. However ....

What I would rather do is write parport_pc consistently
with how all other drivers are written. Then if we
decide to set all this up more intelligently in the
future we can make a global change.

> Looking at drivers/pnp/, it's apparent
> that CONFIG_PNPBIOS is actually a bool. After reading
> your patch, which has "defined(CONFIG_PNPBIOS_MODULE)",
> I assumed that it was a tristate. As it apparently is
> not, the problem above doesn't arise at all. (My point
> still stands with regard to ISAPNP, though)
> So for your driver, I would just say: delete the references to
> CONFIG_PNPBIOS_MODULE, which is never set.

Someday the pnpbios code may be changed to allow
compilation of the pnpbios driver as a module.

> Some further nitpicking w.r.t to your patch: why
> not just rename init_pnp040x() to parport_pc_pnbios_probe(),
> get rid of the wrapper and use the standard return values?

That's a good idea for a second patch. Not doing
what you suggest makes my patch easier to understand.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I'm learning stuff.

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