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SubjectRe: Athlon SMP blues - kernels 2.4.[9 13 15-pre4]
> Just my $.02 worth on the dual Athlons...
> We just finished putting together what was for us a pretty big box using
> the Tyan S2460 with 1.4GHz Athlons (not MP) and ran into some troublesome
> heating problems.
> We put some fans into the case to circulate air around the surface of the
> board, as well as additional fans on the front and back of the case for
> additional intake/exhaust.

Well, I haven't done any temperature monitoring yet, but the case is a
monstrous Hudson rackmount chassis, with tons of space and several extra
fans, so I imagine that overheating is unlikely.

It may be hopelessly subjective, but the exhaust air from the back feels
cooler than on most of our other machines - but I know it's the CPUs
that count most.

Taking out one CPU may be an option; I'll try some other kernel options


Alastair Stevens
MRC Biostatistics Unit
Cambridge UK
phone - 01223 330383
email -
web -

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