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SubjectRe: fdutils. (Was Re: [Q] pivot_root and initrd)

Hello Peter , I am having a bit of difficulty getting the
ISO image to boot . Below is what I get on the console .
Best transcription I could get at this time . Also fyi
ISOLINUX 1.48 1999-09-26 boots OK on the same machine .
I have also heard a (vicious;-) rumor that 1.63 cure this
difficulty . When are you going to upgrade ?

But XXXX this is a nice tool ! I am -very- thankful to you
for putting this kind of power into one cdrom .
Thank you , JimL

-------< begin error message >-----
ISOLINUX 1.62 2001-04-24 isolinux: loading Spec packet failed, trying to
wing it ...
isolinux: found something at drive=F0
isolinux: Looks like it might be right
isolinux: disk error 00, drive F0

Boot failed: Press any key to retry...
-------------< end message >----

On 16 Oct 2001, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> Works great. I use it in my SuperRescue CD for example; you can there
> check out a complete, working example.

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