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SubjectIDE tape problems
I have an interesting issue with the ide-tape driver. It manages 
to truncate anything read from tape[0]. From a very limited data
set, it appears that the longer the data on the tape, the more
blocks are truncated.

I've tried 2.4.6 and 2.4.14. Tape drive is a Seagate STT20000A,
MB is a KT7-RAID w/ 768MB mem and an Athlon 1200. Drive is slave
on the second channel (on the VIA controller, not the highpoint
one). Other device is a BCD E520C CD-ROM. The tape is a 10G TR-5
from Imation.

This setup does work with SCSI emulation, though the console
gets spammed with messages like:
st0: Error with sense data: Current st09:00: sense key Illegal Request
Additional sense indicates Invalid command operation code

Amanda works with the SCSI setup; with the IDE setup, amlabel
fails. I've tried re-tensioning the tape; no help.

I'm willing to try patches, incantations, etc.

[0] I assume it is truncating on the read side, but it could
very well be doing it on the write side.

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