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SubjectRe: 2.4.9 to 2.4.14 bug & workaround
Matthias Andree schrieb:
> Peter Wächtler schrieb am Dienstag, den 13. November 2001:
> > On the IDE I mount /dev/hdb, on the USB thing I mount sd[ab]4
> > depending if the flash reader is there or not.
> > Hmh?
> Do these behave differently? In particular, do the IDE Zip drives hide
> the partition structure...
> > Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
> > /dev/sdb4 1 1536 98288 6 FAT16
> ...which is evidently there?
> > Until now I thought it had something to do with the different gendisk,
> > LDM or so.
> Well, you may also see firmware and/or design flaws in the drive
> (personally, I have never trusted iomega, because on the CeBIT fair in
> Hannover, I once asked them "why should I prefer iomega ZIP or JAZ over
> SyQuest" and they had no answer except "we're just better". I later
> heard complaints about the SCSI ID only to be chosen from 5 or 6, 25-pin
> SCSI connectors and stuff, then there was the click-of-death sabotage
> and now there is your "partition entry or not" problem.)
> has some info which does
> not look too promising when you're after consistent behaviour across the
> various drive types (interface-wise, that is).
> Judging from what's on that page, the IDE driver seems to know it's just
> a "floppy" without partitions, but the USB driver sees the (fake)
> partitions.

Wow, thanks for this link. It explains the details very well.

Nov 12 21:50:51 picklock kernel: hdb: 98288kB, 196576 blocks, 512 sector size
Nov 12 21:50:51 picklock kernel: VFS: Disk change detected on device ide0(3,68)
Nov 12 21:50:54 picklock kernel: hdb: hdb1 hdb2 hdb3 hdb4
Nov 12 21:50:54 picklock kernel: ide-floppy: hdb: I/O error, pc = 28, key = 5,
Nov 12 21:50:54 picklock kernel: end_request: I/O error, dev 03:44 (hdb), sector

<4>hdb: IOMEGA ZIP 100 ATAPI Floppy, ATAPI FLOPPY drive

This was an attempt of (mdir z: with z: mapping to /dev/hdb4)

BTW, on the same day I bought this thing, "Linux" did demolish my only media.
But luckily I also bought a SB Live!, told the dealer, that I am running an
Athlon with 686_A_ (not B) southbridge and the soundcard does not work also.

I got a different soundcard and a new ZIP media for no extra costs ;-)
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