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SubjectRe: GPLONLY kernel symbols???
Erik Andersen writes:
> On Mon Nov 12, 2001 at 10:23:27PM -0700, Richard Gooch wrote:
> >
> > A few days ago I was thinking about this, and I thought how cool it
> > would be to have a reliable utility that could convert between the two
> > coding styles. If I had that (and it was bulletproof) then it could be
> > used with some kind of userfs to give me two views of the kernel: the
> > underlying one "raw" one, to which I'd apply patches and generate them
> > from, and a "sanitised" one, that I would read and edit.
> If you look in scripts/Lindent you will see it calls:
> indent -kr -i8 -ts8 -sob -l80 -ss -bs -psl
> The GNU indent utility has tons of options to accomodate every
> sort of perverse coding style. I imagine some time with the
> indent man page will produce a working solution for you in short
> order,

I'll look at this. Later. Right now I'm focussing on getting the new
devfs core up to snuff.


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