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SubjectRe: fdutils.
CaT wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 14, 2001 at 12:50:25AM +0000, Riley Williams wrote:
>>>Sure, but having to mount the CDROM means the drive is inaccessible
>>>during a rescue operation, so no restore from CDROM or CDRW backups
>>>is possible. ;) Mine runs out of a 4 MB ramdisk image.
>>Maybe that drive is inaccessible, but what about the other drive? Many
>>systems have both a CD (or DVD) drive and a CD-RW as well nowadays.
> Are you guys trying to target the highest or lowest common denominator
> here? Because the more of this thread I read the more of the population
> you guys are excluding.
> (Oh but I have my 2 friends have 5 dvd players, 3 cdrws, 4 zip drives,
> 7 ls-120's and a partridge in their pc and as such I must conclude that
> the vast majority of the world does also).

Different distributions target different audiences, that's why we have
more than one of them. Personally I'd rather have a very complete set of
tools available than I worry about the CD-ROM not being free during the

And yes, this is *totally* off-topic for lkml. Let's stop.


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