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SubjectRe: Abysmal interactive performance on 2.4.linus
> Seems that reiserfs is the common factor here, at least on my box. This is a 35
> GB reiserfs filesystem, app 80% used, both large and small files.
> As said in my previous message, the numbers themselves don't mean squat. It is
> the large delays (the fact that user+sys <<< real) which are the problem here.

This was also reported as

Suspected bug - System slowdown under unexplained excessive disk I/O - 2.4.13
with huge delays during compiles (sasha Pachev) or mysql-benchmarks (me).
But today I do not find this reiser-specific, this also seems to happen
with ext3.
But as you wrote, not with ext2. I see that there is more disk-activity
due to journaling in both cases, but waiting 30 seconds for simple tasks
or waking from screen-apm seems not to be right.

Oktay Akbal

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