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SubjectRe: fdutils.
Maciej W. Rozycki wrote:

>>> Hmm, Sun used to have a software-controlled standard floppy drives years
>>I'm not talking about Suns.
> I'm just pointing out there used to be no problem with making a
> software-controlled eject for a legacy floppy device even long ago if one
> wanted to.

Macs have had them since, what, 1984? It's never been a question of it
being a problem, but it hasn't caught on on the PC.

>>> Based on local obervations hardly anyone uses floppies anymore... They
>>>are mostly used for system rescue purposes, where the kind of a device
>>>doesn't really matter.
>>... except that you no longer can fit a reasonable system rescue/install
>>setup on a floppy, so it *defintitely* matters. Also, the floppy device
>>is like a rash all over the hardware; it maintains a highly undesirable
> You only confirm what I wrote -- hardly anyone uses floppies, so there is
> no need to keep mechanical compatibility in devices -- a complete dump of
> 1.44" FD support would be almost harmless. Hence whether a Zip or a
> LS-120 -- it doesn't really matter. You need new media anyway.

Unfortunately other people don't seem to see it that way, and so it
doesn't happen. People ship USB floppies with new laptops, so there is
clearly a demand for them. I believe that if LS-120 had been where the
Zip drive was for a brief while, it would have stuck, just because of the
compatibility issue.


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