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SubjectRe: lp oops with kernel 2.4.15-pre2
At 11:30 AM 11/13/01 +0000, Tim Waugh wrote:
>On Mon, Nov 12, 2001 at 04:57:57PM -0700, Lee Howard wrote:
>> Nov 12 12:02:44 zelda kernel: EIP: 0010:[kmem_cache_alloc+100/176]
>> Nov 12 12:02:44 zelda kernel: Call Trace: [d_alloc+23/368] [sprintf+18/32]
>> [sock_map_fd+153/352] [unix_create+92/112] [sock_create+214/256]
>> Nov 12 12:02:44 zelda kernel: [dentry_open+346/384] [sys_socket+41/80]
>> [sys_socketcall+96/464] [do_page_fault+0/1200] [error_code+52/60]
>> [system_call+51/56]
>This doesn't seem to be lp- or parport-related. What else was the
>machine doing at the time?

This oops occurred at the moment of processing/handling a print job. The
print jobs are processed via a Samba printer share. The system is also
constantly running a MySQL database that is accessed via Apache+PHP.

So, the system is running MySQL, Samba, Apache, PHP, sendmail, lpd, and
various other things standard on an updated RedHat 7.0 system (I'm
upgrading kernels via tarball).


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