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SubjectRe: [OT] Re: [RFC-ONT (on topic)] Modprobe enhancement (was Re: "Dance of the Trolls")

>>>This is a great suggestion. You should ping Keith Owens (does he own
>>>modutils, I think so) and make it happen. A much desireable change.
>>Only if you can turn it off (ie a -[Yy] flag) as I don't really want my
>>boot sequence to hang just because I bought a geforce card so that I
>>could play my 3d games nice and fast.
> Nothing against nvidia cards, of course -
> But I play 3d games nice and fast here
> (quake 3 arena, wolfenstein)
> BTW I'm using a voodoo 3 - well supported,
> no 3rd party drivers to download, it always
> just works, right from a fresh Linux install,
> and with all new kernels...
> Just a thought....

Last I checked 32bit graphics and high resolutions wasn't an option on
the Voodoo 3... The GeForce line can do both and with nice enough speed.

// Stefan

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