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SubjectRe: [Very-OT] Re: Nazi kernels
In message <>, Ant
on Altaparmakov wrote:
[ Un*x admins know what they are doing ]
>Admins know what they are doing. Your average person trying Linux for the
>first time doesn't... You are forgetting that Linux is actually becoming
>useful as a desktop OS and a wider audience is starting to use it.

If the average person installs Linux, s/he is the admin and above
definiton applies. Even if s/he does not know what s/he is doing, s/he must
(and will) learn it. Now we can discuss if its better to learn it the
hard (and fast) way or not.

>But considering you already get a warning message on insertion that will
>do fine, no need to ask are you sure. GUI configuration tools can always
>do the "are you sure bit" if they want to.

ACK. If some installer software wants to ask, he can now.

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