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SubjectRe: I'm sorry [it was: Nazi Kernels]
On Tue, 13 Nov 2001 02:48:06 +0100, wrote:
>Now after this introduction, I try to explain whats my problem with
>the new driver policy. When I try to load NVdriver to the kernel
>2.1.14, the modprobe (modutils 2.4.10) writes following line
>"Note: modules without a GPL compatible license cannot use \
>GPLONLY_ symbols".

If you had given the error message the first time instead of
complaining about Nazi kernels then you would have got a decent

insmod issues that message when two conditions are both satisfied:

(1) The module has unresolved references *and*
(2) The module does not have a GPL license.

modprobe does not check if the unresolved references are exported as
GPLONLY or not, the message is jsut a hint about why the load /might/
have failed. I should change the insmod text to make it more explicit
that this is only a possible explanation.

Since kernel 2.4.14 does not have any GPLONLY exports, your problem is
not that the kernel is restricting access to symbols. Instead your
problem is that the binary only NVdriver does not match your kernel.
Ask NVidia for help.

Keith [Not a Nazi] Owens, modutils maintainer.

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