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    SubjectRe: HFS Filesystem
    > What information or documentation is there on HFS and writing linux 
    > applications what use resource forks and other mac quirkiness.
    > In particular how do I write an application that uses all the data
    > availiable on macs (and hence HFS) but not commonly used. Whats more if
    > there is a method to access that data, what happens if I try using it on a
    > non HFS file system.

    netatalk uses its own resource fork magic using .AppleDouble directories
    or a few other configurable formats. HFS on 2.2 also supports the same
    format so magically you can get real fork access

    For 2.4 the HFS code still needs some serious cleanup, and for 2.5 I suspect
    either someone fixes the locking on or it gets deleted
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