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SubjectRe: File System Performance
On Nov 12, 2001  12:41 -0800, Andrew Morton wrote:
> BTW, I've been trying to hunt down a suitable file system aging tool.
> We're not very happy with Keith Smith's workload because the directory
> infomation was lost (he was purely studying FFS algorithmic differences
> - the load isn't 100% suitable for testing other filesystems / algorithms).
> Constantin Loizides' tools are proving to be rather complex to compile,
> drive and understand.

What _may_ be a very interesting tool for doing "real-world" I/O generation
is to use the InterMezzo KML (kernel modification log), which is basically
a 100% record of every filesystem operation done (e.g. create, write,
delete, mkdir, rmdir, etc).

Peter, do you have any very large KML files which would simulate the usage
of a filesystem over a long period of time, or would Tacitus have something
like that?

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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