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SubjectI'm sorry [it was: Nazi Kernels]
Hi again!

I'm sorry for my last post. It was very stupid, but it was written
without any thinking. I respect You, and Your work, so I meant no
offense to You, but I know, that my last post, was very aggresive.
I'm sorry again, and I will try to think twice before I write any
post like last.

Now after this introduction, I try to explain whats my problem with
the new driver policy. When I try to load NVdriver to the kernel
2.1.14, the modprobe (modutils 2.4.10) writes following line
"Note: modules without a GPL compatible license cannot use \
GPLONLY_ symbols". It's Your decision, but in My opinion, its not
the right way. I'm affraid, that this doesn't change the hardware
manufacters opinions about the binary distributions of the drivers,
so they copy or write this functions, and the only effect for end
user will be more memory consumption (I know that memory is cheap
today). I think in the future this may be the right way, but today
it's to early for that step.

Best Regards

PS. Sorry for my english, it's not my native language.

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