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SubjectRe: [CFT][PATCH] crc32 cleanups
In article <> you wrote:
> More crc32 cleanups. I think this is pretty close to being finished, and
> would appreciate people taking a look at the drivers they use regularly.
> I've built all the drivers I can on x86, and have hand-verified the rest.
> Changes since last time:
> * remove all the request_module() calls I added last time. If a driver
> needs crc32.o and it's a module, modprobe pulls it in automatically.
> * Create {fs,drivers/net,drivers/usb}/Makefile.lib. In each, list modules
> as obj-$(CONFIG_FOO) += crc32.o. In lib/Makefile, include each
> Makefile.lib. This allows drivers to update the list local to themselves
> and not have to patch lib/Makefile. This should satisfy Keith Owens'
> concern in this regard.
> * Added a whole new set of drivers, those based on 8390.o, to the list.

Do you really need that complicated conditional compilation?
IMHO it's a much better idea to always compile the crc routines in,
maybe a way to disable it explicitly could be added, though I'm
not sure about that one.


Of course it doesn't work. We've performed a software upgrade.
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